About BeAnywhere

BeAnywhere delivers a real-time platform that solves, with elegant simplicity, a broad range of IT management challenges, making work easier, more efficient and secure for thousands of companies around the world.

Our objective is to provide innovative software-as-a-service solutions, based on easy to manage, exclusive technology, that can be used by organizations of any dimension. Founded in 1996, BeAnywhere has offices in three continents and datacenters in Europe, Asia and the United States. Our international sales, development and support teams work around the clock, 24 hours a day, to provide our customers with simple, complete and secure solutions, which assure the maximum return on investment. BeAnywhere is owned by Leading Capital, a private international conglomerate with interests in Information Technology and Media.

Leading Capital's headquarters

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Our Executive Team

Ruben Dias, CEO and Owner of Leading Capital Group

Ruben Dias

CEO and Owner of Leading Capital Group

Ruben majored in Business Administration at the European University in Portugal, after spending his early days living there, but also in Uruguay and United States. He has been a passionate entrepreneur since 1992, when his first venture was founded, which specialized in IT Services. In 1997 it was one of the first companies in the world to internationally represent one of the top AV vendors and, in 8 years, that project achieved the absolute market leadership in Portugal, with 42% of share. Ruben also founded the Canadian franchise of the same vendor. In 2008, he sold the Portuguese franchise to a major Portuguese IT group and in 2010 he also had a successful exit through sale from the North American operation.

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Since then, focused more on the other businesses he created from scratch along the years. His entire entrepreneur career has been focused on technology and challenging business projects. Ruben is always committed to identify business opportunities which will enhance the growth of the group in areas where his team has expertise and strategic interest. This is achieved by building each project from zero and turning it into profitable ventures that will enable further investment in new opportunities.

Jos Serrano

Marketing Director

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After more than five years as a Senior Technology Editor for several IT publications, Jos worked for Panda Security, first in Marketing/Communication and then in Product Management, as the worldwide director of Panda's consumer division. He is a Master of Science both in Information Warfare and Political Science.


Joo Gonalves

R&D Director

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Joo was a University Researcher for five years in the fields of Robotics and Smart Systems. He is graduated in Electrotechnical Engineering and specialized in Telecommunications. He is one of the original creators of BeAnywhere technology and continues to be one of its main contributors.


Marketing Manager

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SEO and Social Media expert, Gonalo is graduated in Social Communications and carries more than six years of experience as Technology Editor, Editor-in-Chief and Director of some of the most well-known IT publications of the country, where he developed most of his copywriting and advertising skills.