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The telephone is my weapon of mass-selling and BeAnywhere's features are the bullets I am shooting everywhere. The outcome is the massacre of obsolete businesses, followed by the immediate birth of modern and efficient service providers.

Today we celebrate - and as we say it in Portuguese, we should celebrate " grande e francesa" (which means exactly "big and in a French way". I have no idea why celebrating like the French is a good thing, though). Anyway, BeAnywhere's Sales Department (for Brazil) has reached an important milestone: we are 59% above the proposed sales objective for July (and the day isn't over yet). This success has been built over the commitment and fellowship among our partners and coworkers - and, obviously, due to BeAnywhere's power.

I watch with pride how BeAnywhere has become the Remote Support solution with the biggest overall growth in the Brazilian market, actively contributing for the technological development of the whole South America region. Personally, I believe that the diversity and flexibility of our features and services has been the secret behind our success (and when I say "secret" I mean "features that I announce to as many potential clients or partners as I can, everyday over the telephone").

Today, at the end of another long but rewarding month, I'll place my head on the pillow and enjoy a well deserved night of sleep.

Congratulations to all of you involved in this ongoing story of success. BeAnywhere is worth it!

Luciano da Silva
Channel Manager for Brazil


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Support Express 5.97

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All the exciting new features

Expand/CollapseRevamped Interface
The new BASE 5.0 releases a completely revamped interface, both graphical and mechanical. More attractive and intuitive than ever; as powerful as always been.
Expand/CollapseAssist any machine
Provide remote support to users with SO Windows 2000 or later, and equally so, to clients using Mac OS X Lion or later.
Expand/CollapseinSight Lite Edition
Prevent problems and reduce downtimes in your clients critical servers and workstations. Monitor CPU and memory state, along with the running processes and HDD utilization; keep hardware and software inventory always up to date.
Expand/CollapseJava-based Web Console
A lite console for our clients to use on non-Windows computers (although it also runs in Windows, of course). It was tested on OS X and several flavors of Linux. You can use it from this link!
Expand/CollapseCollaborative Sessions
While on a session made through the BA Agent or the applet, additional technicians can now be invited. Also, multiple techs can connect to the same Agent simultaneously (for reporting purposes, this will be counted as a joint session, not as different sessions).

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